Labor lawyer in Barcelona

Labor Lawyer

Our Firm offers expert advice on the many issues that may arise for companies, freelancers or workers. Our mission in the practice area is to offer innovative work solutions to the multiple work situations that can arise in a business or company.

To do this, we work hand in hand, in close collaboration with clients to provide them with efficient advice in a framework of trust, which guarantees that their needs will always be met as quickly as possible.

Labor Services

The services that we offer our clients in the labour area range from the strategic planning of labour relations to the specific treatment required by senior management personnel, the articulation of systems of flexible working conditions, collective bargaining agreements and company agreements, as well as accompanying our clients in their defence before labour inspections, collective disputes or labour litigation.


Dismissals, contracts, modification of working conditions, severance payments, settlements, notification of dismissal, negotiation of dismissals, etc


Claims for payment


Family reconciliation

Work accidents