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Civil law encompasses a set of regulations capable of sufficiently governing private relationships between individuals. Additionally, matrimonial law regulates interpersonal relationships that fall within the family unit, whether in marriage or in ‘more uxorio’ relationships (common-law partnerships).

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Our firm provides comprehensive advice on the subject, never forgetting the need to maintain a close relationship and unwavering support for our clients, given the personal and emotional significance that these matters entail. Additionally, our office is authorized to intervene in matters related to juvenile jurisdiction.

Matrimonial law attorney


Prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation, common-law partnerships, modification of measures, termination of the marital economic regime, etc.


Non-payment of child support, alimony, custody of minors, updating of support payments, incapacities, guardians, claims of filiation or challenge of registry inscription; alteration of the order of surnames and correction of errors with the civil registry.


Bequests, usufruct, estate administration, inventory benefit, representation rights in succession matters, responsibilities of the heir and co-heirs, right to inheritance division, will, legitime, intestate succession, estate partition, etc.

Civil law attorney


Contracting, evictions, claims for expenses and improvements, deposits, non-payment issues, and debt management, transfers, rights and obligations of tenants, etc.


Debt negotiation, claims for monetary judgments, debt executions, seizures, precautionary measures, preventive annotations, etc.

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions; earnest money contracts, poorly executed and/or unfinished construction, claims for damages and losses, claims for poorly constructed work, claims for monetary judgments, contracted work not performed, liability for damage to third parties, etc.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Mortgages, floor clauses, debt negotiation, abusive clauses, revolving credit cards, etc.

Property Law

Procedure for the dissolution of common property, termination of joint ownership. Interdicts for new construction, property registration, and resumption of successive treatment. Declaratory processes of ownership. Third-party claims of ownership and better right. Usucaption and acquisitive prescription of ownership. Easements.


Liability for third-party damages, claims to insurance companies, accidents and incidents, etc.

Homeowners' Associations

Neighbor complaints, nuisance activities, collection of community fees, attendance at owners’ meetings, lease agreements, claims against the property owner, claims for renovation and improvement works, etc.