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Over 25 years of experience


Comprised of a team of legal professionals whose foundation is personalized and direct client interaction. Over twenty-five years of experience in the field and the establishment of a fully satisfied clientele validate our work.

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Thanks to our teamwork dynamic, we offer effective guidance aimed at achieving the best possible outcome, whether it’s by avoiding a legal process and securing highly satisfactory negotiated solutions or by providing the best procedural perspectives from which positions can be defended in court.

Our professional commitment lies in ensuring dedication and honesty to our clients, which are the fundamental pillars upon which our work is based. Achieving results and fully meeting your expectations is our primary goal.

Civil and Family Law

Matrimonial law regulates interpersonal relationships that fall within the family unit, whether in marriage or other relationships.

Labor law

Offering innovative solutions to the various employment situations that may arise in a business, company, or individual context.

Criminal Law

We defend the client's interests, either as prosecution or defense, in criminal proceedings related to potential offenses associated with the company.

Corporate Lawyer

Providing innovative solutions to the various employment situations that may arise in a business, company, or personal context.

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Lawyers with extensive experience in the sector

Our firm has a large team of lawyers, specialists in various legal fields, who, with a substantial infrastructure at their disposal and the most advanced technological advancements, provide you with the broadest legal advice, presenting all the possibilities so that the client can choose the one that best suits their needs. Our experience in the field of legal advice validates the quality of the service we offer.

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We aim to provide you with the best service, qualified legal assistance, and swift, practical, and effective advice. To achieve this, we comprehensively advise our clients, with the aim of preventing the problems and conflicts that may arise in the daily course of their activities and thereby avoid getting involved in litigation, legal costs, etc.

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At CENDROS & GRAM LAWYERS, we offer our clients comprehensive advice with the utmost seriousness, commitment, professionalism, and quality.